WRLD1 / TVNET integrates its World Soccer/Football group of networks across the US with 3 worldwide soccer/football Internet TV venues focused on global soccer across all 8 world regions

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nathan Sassover, CEO of WRLD1 /TVNET today announced further development and increased strategic…

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nathan Sassover, CEO of WRLD1 /TVNET today announced further development and increased strategic presence with the creation of additional regional and metro destinations for its soccer/football sports news hubs targeting the continuing surging sports sectors in all US and international territories.

TVNET is also pleased to confirm that the USPTO -United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted TVNET a US trademark for the Network ID and phrase


WRLD1 and its sports affiliates TV venues are powered by the TVNET APTVE mobile netcast architecture and user interface driving an enlarged range of global and US Soccer video programming.

Sassover further noted: «The World.Soccer /Football hubs now provide increased range of topics and content diversity coupled with commentary and analysis across 3  on air networks:

 ■ WorldSoccerTV.com | World Soccer Network

 ■ USSoccerTV.com | US Soccer Network

 ■ FutballTV.com  | World Futball Network

The WRLD1 Soccer /Football hubs and all other TVNET categories of geocentric and key industry vertical networks will continue to be resources for AI development that permit more targeted video content aggregation joined to contextual insights driving decisions in commerce and investments.

Sassover noted: «The challenges are balance and engaging range of content within our video display innovations and to optimize video viewing within the content ‘window’ to each local, regional or world soccer news hubs and beyond which link to other WRLD1 destinations on the platform.»


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