TOJOY and Hurun Launch Gazelle and Future Unicorn Enterprise Lists at Beijing Ceremony

BEIJING, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On July 22, the «2021 China Gazelle and Future Unicorn Selection Event» was held…

BEIJING, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On July 22, the «2021 China Gazelle and Future Unicorn Selection Event» was held in Beijing. Chinese business accelerator TOJOY and financial research institute Hurun co-hosted the event, which was attended by academics, media outlets, and businesspeople from a variety of industries.

Business elites gather at 2021 Chinese Gazelle and Future Unicorn Enterprise Lists launch ceremony

In his opening speech, Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Research Officer Rupert Hoogewerf said of making the lists, «We aim to find companies with high growth potential and innovative models… gazelle companies that hope to become unicorns in as little as three years. Our list selection criteria are based on recent gazelle company development trends.»

According to Hoogewerf, such companies frequently invent or integrate innovative technologies that allow them to maintain rapid growth provided the proper funding and partnerships.

«Successful gazelle enterprises take the initiative to break with tradition, operating with agility, innovation, and respect for market needs on their trajectory towards unicorn status.»

TOJOY Global CEO Ge Jun also spoke at the event. «Unicorn and gazelle enterprises represent a new economic growth engine based on innovative business models and market strategies,» said Ge. «Companies in these categories are particularly promising for promoting regional economic development and leading development clusters during China’s 14th Five-Year Plan.»

According to Ge, the program has been created to establish authoritative lists of promising companies to better enable them to draw the attention of business resource owners, and to connect them with said resource owners to launch the next stage of such enterprises’ development at «China speed».

Hurun’s CEO and Group Publisher Lü Nengxing expressed his optimism about the cooperation with TOJOY.

«This is the third year Hurun has released the China Gazelle Enterprise List, and this year we have a great partner joining us in TOJOY,» said Lü.

«We look forward to connecting the high-growth potential companies selected here with the business resource empowerment they need to grow in this new era.»

Selection to the Gazelle and Future Unicorn Enterprise Lists will have added value for growing companies due to TOJOY’s participation. Over 1.2 million registered high-net-worth entrepreneurs use the TOJOY platform to connect with innovative new companies for partnership or investment opportunities. Growing companies listed on the platform can then access a wide variety of business resources through these partnerships.

The reputations and capabilities of Hurun and TOJOY are the baseline the organizations are using for a «strong endorsement + strong empowerment» strategy. Companies recognized on the lists will have the benefit not only of Hurun’s widely-recognized publication, but also the access to resources and relationships, and professional services that TOJOY provides.

TOJOY Consulting Group chairman Li Shengfeng presented a research report on the Sino-American unicorn environment from the TOJOY Research Institute. The report highlighted the event’s focus on high-tech companies innovating in the digital space.

Many innovative businesses are growing throughout China. Hurun and TOJOY hope that the China Gazelle and Future Unicorn Enterprise Lists will act as a benchmark for high-growth companies from across the country, and lead to further high-tech industrial development. TOJOY hopes to inspire more enterprise service platforms to join in with similar contributions to benefit growing companies and society as a whole.

Also attending the event were PricewaterhouseCoopers Managing Partner Jiang Chun; New Wave Media Group Partner and Vice President Wang Xingdi; Vice President of Beijing Venture Capital Association and Beijing Huijin Chuangfu Investment Fund Partner Qu Jinglu; Executive Dean of the 21st Century Baifu Academy Tong Longjun, and Chairman of the TOJOY Shared Internet Technology Group Zhou Zhonghua.

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