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BERLIN, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fresh learning content for the fresh start of the school year. As part of…

BERLIN, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fresh learning content for the fresh start of the school year. As part of the STEAM-focused extended content development strategy, parents can help children develop through two new Da Vinci series and more than twenty math games qualified by Yale University’s Play2Prevent Laboratory.


Da Vinci Media helps parents and teachers to find age-appropriate, inspiring content for kids, that can also be a great learning experience. The essence of the STEAM methodology, the experiential learning and teaching is that it focuses on phenomena and the multilevel knowledge, rather than on a subject breakdown. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Craft & Design, Math) educational structure is designed to allow students to learn science subjects through play.

Da Vinci Media’s content offering has so far been strongly characterized by the STEAM focus but is now playing a key role in the renewed content development strategy. Among the new productions, the Marvellous Makes Lab teaches kids how we can use everyday objects to make things work, while also explaining related scientific knowledge, and the Smorph and Electricity show teaches important knowledge about electricity. Circuits, Voltage, Electrons: With the help of an original character, simple and fun experiments in each episode clearly present this complex topic and allows to closely observe the magical atmosphere of the electric world.

The expanded content development strategy also includes 21 new math games to develop math skills, which Yale University’s Play2Prevent Lab has recently rated as effective educational content. Each game develops different math skills and is available in the Da Vinci Kids educational app.

«Effective learning, experimentation, fun, research, reflection and curiosity are our core philosophy at Da Vinci. Our content helps develop creative and critical thinking, openness, problem-solving and social intelligence,» says Aleksandra Sergiel, Da Vinci Media’s Director, Poland. «With our new original productions, we will encourage children to be interested in STEAM topics. Our content engages children while providing meaningful activity and knowledge that can be put to good use in real life,» she adds.

Da Vinci TV channel is broadcasted in Poland on Polsat Box channel 170, Platforma CANAL+ channel 220, UPC channel 614 or 674, Vectra channel 402, Toya channel 510, Netia channel 39, Inea channel 668 and many others. Da Vinci TV’s carefully selected programs and original productions can also be accessed through the Da Vinci Kids mobile application available in App stores.

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