Dockwater BV partners with Clearwater JV to Deliver the World-Class Dockwater Desalination Facility

ANTWERP, Belgium, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dockwater BV («Dockwater»)  is pleased to announce that is has partnered with ENGIE Fabricom…

ANTWERP, Belgium, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dockwater BV («Dockwater»)  is pleased to announce that is has partnered with ENGIE Fabricom («Fabricom») and DENYS NV («Denys»), to design and build the Dockwater desalination facility that will provide sustainable process water in the Port of Antwerp. 

Fabricom and Denys have formed a joint venture («Clearwater»)  to build the desalination project and join Suez to complete the technical team that will deliver the Dockwater plant.  Suez is expected to provide engineering process design, operate and maintain the desalination facility.

Industrial facilities at the Port of Antwerp currently use drinking water for industrial purposes as it was viewed as the only source of water available in the foreseeable future. Dockwater will offer an alternative by supplying sustainable high quality process water sourced from brackish water to all industrial customers. Dockwater will be the only source of process water offering service to, from inception, most of the industrial water demand in the Port with a new process water pipeline system. In addition, Dockwater will reduce drinking water consumption by more than 95% at industrial sites at the Port and ease pressure on drinking water supplies in the Antwerp region. The project will be financed by private capital.

Mark McComiskey, a representative of Dockwater said, «We welcome the addition of the ENGIE Fabricom and Denys to the Dockwater project team. The industry-leading capabilities of Denys, Fabricom and Suez will ensure that Dockwater is a world-class sustainable facility that allows industrial customers in the Port of Antwerp to stop consuming local drinking water and to reduce their overall water consumption while simultaneously reducing costs.»

Steven Van den Heede, a spokesperson for Clearwater said, «We are excited to work with Dockwater to design and build the Dockwater desalination project. In addition to drawing on our collective experience in building first-rate projects in Antwerp and the Port, our organizations are committed to advancing the underlying sustainable goals that Dockwater brings to the Port. Dockwater will significantly increase the reliability of industrial operations at the Port of Antwerp

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DOCKWATER BV is developing a desalination plant to provide process water to industrial companies operating in the Port of Antwerp, allowing industry to substantially reduce its consumption of drinking water as well as its overall consumption of water, while increasing the resiliency of water supply in the whole Flemish region.  The development of the DOCKWATER project is being led by AVAIO Capital, and DOCKWATER BV is jointly owned by AVAIO Capital and Macquarie Capital. 

AVAIO Capital is an infrastructure investment firm focused on the development and construction of new sustainable infrastructure assets throughout North America and Europe in four sectors: digital, water, energy transition and transportation.  Macquarie Capital is the advisory, capital markets and principal investment arm of Macquarie Group, and specializes in infrastructure development with more than US$ 20 billion of projects under construction or development.


Denys is a multidisciplinary group specialized in water, energy, mobility, architecture, restoration and special techniques. Because of this unique diversification, Denys is a preferred partner for complex building projects and infrastructure work, in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada and South America.

About ENGIE Fabricom

ENGIE Fabricom (now Equans) is the leading Belgian company specialised in the design, implementation and maintenance of multi-technical installations and services. Our large expertise in the markets of infrastructure, water, buildings, industry, distribution networks and energy production guarantees a comprehensive and customised solution. Using this multidisciplinary approach, ENGIE Fabricom  is able to assist companies and local authorities optimise their energy consumption, environmental and operational performance.


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